I started riding in 2005 as a non serious rider with no idea of the magnitude of the rides that are out there… and the amount of people that were dedicated to cycling until I became one of them.  As a solo rider until 2010; I met an amazing person that introduced me to another rider (Mauricio Valenzuela). Mauricio was actually part of a team (Cool Beans Racing). Upon meeting him and the team with their encouragement I became a much more dedicated rider; getting stronger mentally and physically within the ride. Although I am part of a team; I do not race often, it opened my eyes to meeting so many other people that share the road.  This is what prompted me more to implement the site.  I figured I am not the only one that is out there as a solo rider wanting to get stronger and meet other people who enjoy cycling.

I wanted a site that I could go to and find rides in my area that gave me details about the ride.  The next thing you know; okay many hours and days later, it turned into “Cycling Group Rides”.  There are other sites out there that have the same; however, I follow a “keep it simple” method throughout the site.  I wanted to provide links that I myself have gone to for information whether it is annual rides or vendors that have good prices or stretches that we can do for those muscle cramps we get after a long ride.

I hope you find the site easy to view; links informative and provide any feedback whether it be a ride or suggestion of a new link.


A South Florida Day